Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Colours of Turkey

Turkey was full of amazing inspiring colours and patterns. I really wanted one of these beautiful lamps but didn't think I could return with it in one piece!!

We visited a carpet weavers and saw the beautiful patterns and colour ways the talented women were weaving.
Architecture in Ephesus, an old tiny Greek ghost town now inhabited by Turks and a really decorative mosque.
I love the tradition of the 'Nazar boncugu' meaning evil eye, coloured eye like stones are attached to cars, houses, pets and babies to protect them from evil.


  1. oooo turkey is amazing :) i brought 2 of those lamps last year when we went. They came back to the UK all in one piece but one of them has been broken here! Really want to buy a rug too!!

  2. Ahh I am jelous of your lamps!! But I find a cool blue rug in a market!