Monday, 7 September 2009

Rankin Live

This exhibition (31st July - 18th September) at The Brewery in Brick Lane is a necessity in anyone interested in photography!

It was an extensive exhibition covering many aspects of his photographic career and many of his more recent celebrity series. He has photographed Kate Moss and the Queen and had a section of photos of his wife and son which let us pry into his personal life. The aim of some of his projects was to shock the viewer and make them feel uncomfortable which I am sure he achieved!

My favourite collection pictured really thin models with clothes pinned (so they are small enough) that had been caught devouring chocolate showing their desperation and the extremes they go to stay scrawly thin. These images were trying to prove a point about the controversial body image attitude of the fashion world.
At the end of the exhibition we watched Rankin photographing nudes live in the studio, so you could see how he worked. He had at least 10 people helping him at a time, not including make up artists. Three people were holding up the light reflective screens, holding a spot light or changing the wall colour. As soon as he took the photo it went to the first of the three computers. On the the other two computers people were editing them as soon as they were taken, smoothing out any imperfections. It didn't seem very glamorous as modeling is always perceived; the models were rushed in quickly then after about 5 minutes, it was the next ones turn, also there were lots of people watching so it needs a lot of self confidence! Photos taken in the Rankin photo booth!

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