Saturday, 20 February 2010

Foale and Tuffin

The 'Foale and Tuffin: Made In England' exhibition at the Fashion and Textiles Museum London was really exciting and was full of bright and inspiring prints many were made by Liberty's.
Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin left The Royal College of Art with only £200 to set up a shop which would appeal to the new youth. The exhibition was arranged into several sections and also had a mock up of the iconic shop on Carnaby Street. There was a video playing with photographs from the 60's putting the garments on display in context.
The exhibition runs for a few more days and is definitely worth a visit.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Premier Vision and Indigo, Paris 12th Feb 2010

The 'don't pull threads out' or 'cut chunks' from the samples signs!!
We visited Premier Vision a show of fabric swatches being sold to buyers from the different fashion houses to use in their S/S 2011 collections. It was so big and overwhelming, there were lots of different sections; dividing up the different materials and also putting them into sections of how they would be used.
The part I enjoyed most was Indigo, the area with 'textile design and creation.' In this part there were lots of digital prints and floral was a very popular theme running through the show. The University stalls were probably the most interesting as they were not as commercial as some of the other stalls and mixed disciplines more than others.

The Mod Amount area was full of stalls with buttons, trimmings and zips, all created for the S/S 2011 garments.
As students we were often told to not touch the samples as we wouldn't be buying them and we were not allowed to look at some if the button books for some reason! The companies generally don't like the Friday as it is the student day and they wont make as much money as they would on the other days, and we could sense this.

Colette, Paris Feb 2010

Erdems S/S 2010 collection

While in Paris we visited Colette a shop which people often go to be seen in. It is like a mini department store, with books and gadgets, cds, phones, shoes, a perfume section and Erdems S/S 10 collection. It also has a restaurant and a gallery upstairs! It wasn't a very big space but it was laid out well. The down ground floor felt a bit like Urban Outfitters in London.
The slightly rude staff also went round cleaning up with disinfectant spray, spraying air freshener and straighting things up people had moved them! Photographs weren't allowed that's why they are all a bit rubbish, security guards jumped in front of my camera on two occasions!
Erdems Spring Summer 2010 Collection was lovely to see up close the fabrics were printed with a bright large floral pattern.