Friday, 2 April 2010

A Trip to London Zoo

For my next project I am going to look at Anita Roddick and all of her work that she did for the rainforest to stop its destruction. At London Zoo a new enclosure has just opened called 'Rainforest Life' which consists of a rain forest atmosphere which the viewers can walk into and experience this rainforest climate in London. It contains real rain, is very humid and has over 1000 inhabitants including monkeys, sloth and an armadillo. My favourite animal to watch was the Emperor monkeys with white beards playing in the trees. The sloths were also amazing to watch as they spend their life slowly climbing around upside down! The iguana was also really cool sunbathing! London Zoo was better than I was expecting and the rainforest enclosure was facinating as you could get so close to the animals, I would recomend anyone to visit but do search around for a 2 for 1 voucher as ticket prices are a little bit pricey!

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